Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling bad RIGHT NOW !!

Sometimes being the guy who leads the group can be extremely hard and complicated. I can't lead but at least I'll do whatever that I can to me and others. You are NOOB amen. =) I can't finish every sketches on time. You are damn NOOB amen. =P I can't get what I wanted for so long. You're damn freaking NOOB amen. => Because I'm feeling bad for not doing the job well. You're SUX today and only today. Bear in mind.

This week going to be another hardcore week. Because I'm super duper NOOB for doing assignment in last minute. I'm lazy as always.

Anyway, just reached home from LUCT. I'm feeling hungry right away. Where is my lunch ? =)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Counted as a school day ?

Wake up early in the morning to look for my younger brother. Because today was his first day of school. As a brother of him of course need to do something right. Hee Hee ^^ After waving my hands to him, of course is time to do my STUFFS. Ngek Ngek =D Anyway, have fun at school and hope you like my simply yet simple present.

I have a class on 1430, History of Art. Once I step in the class, lecturer says check for your name on the name list then you may go back. That's all for today's class. Next week only officially starts the class. I was like.. ****. Of course I can't go back like others cause my brothers are still having class in school. So went to Andy and Alvin hostel's room while waiting to go back home. It's just hmmm.. . You know.. haha !! ~

At night, planning outing with Ee Zhen and Willion which on tomorrow night, "Korean BBQ". But too bad just three of us are going cause the others having exams real soon. So I don't think they know about it. Feel a bit sorry for not informing them. =( eRmm.. All the best in exams yea, Chern Jung and Calvin !! ~ =)

Good Night Tenors. =)
Work harder everyone.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second Day of School

Long waited Minty Ice-cream !! ~

Andy, Alvin, Kyra & Me had our long waited minty ice-cream after Photography Studies.

We are having Photography Studies early in the morning, 0830. For the first day of lesson of course just briefing and introducing each and others. Lecturers told us we have only 1 month to purchase the DSLR (digital single lens reflex). He and he will introduce bad and good plus bla bla bla among the brands within these 4 weeks time. Which to buy ? Where to buy ? and so on and on. I can't wait for my very own DSLR. Haha !! ~
*Two lecturers for the course, classes combined*

After class around 1000. *First day of class so dismiss early* We went to WingzCoffee to have our ice-cream. Yummy ~ Around 1230, we went to street mall by bus to have our lunch and get some walks since still early. I miss the shuttle bus. =)

Next class Design Studies at 1430. My favorite subject. We got exercise and assignment on the spot. =)

Reached home around 1800. After that cycling under the so-called sunrain. LOL !! Someone special called me today so I'm enjoying exercise with bla bla bla. Can't write too detail. ><" I'm just shocked and happy. Is just a friend. Haha. =P
Anyway, this is my bicycle, 4/5 years old. Not sure.

Reached home around 1900. Twitting while waiting the sweat get dry.

I'm really tired but yet feel so healthy after short riding with rain.

Overall today was quite okie from morning till afternoon. But the problem is just the night. Yea, my elder brother facing some problems and some complicated classmates' relationship bla bla really tiring me. Why must be like this ? I hate faker !! ~
I need a good sleep.

Good Night Complicated World. =)